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​Over the last 12 months we have spent time thoughtfully defining our mission and values so that our brand speaks to exactly who we are. This led to an exciting rebrand, leaving Infinite Pro as part of our history and welcoming Giide as our future. We’re moving forward with a new mission, encompassing our passionate pursuit to discover greater – greater workplaces, greater careers, greater lives.

Giide seeks to remarkably impact communities by connecting professionals with greater opportunities.

– The Giide Mission Statement

This strategic rebrand is positioning us for our next stage of growth. After surviving COVID-19 lockdowns and the many challenges that followed, we are optimistic about the future. To provide job seekers and business leaders with the best experience, we knew we needed to evolve just as the world of work has rapidly evolved. We are excited to have established a clear mission and a purposeful brand, creating a strong foundation for us to build upon.

Infinite pro

The Infinite Pro branding felt outdated, ordinary, and in need of a purposeful redesign. We were looking for something modern and unique to who we are. The new branding sought to span beyond the logo to build a brand experience through naming, mission, values, tone of voice, and meaningful application of graphic elements.

The 3 shapes forming our “G” brand mark illustrate the converging of 3 elements: our team, employers, and talent. The icon includes a speech bubble, highlighting the importance of real, personal connection. Paying homage to our past, we’ve kept our signature yellow as a primary brand colour along with a new, wider colour palette to bring the brand to life.

Giide brand

Along with new branding, we’ve also broadened our services; Giide offers effective, YOU-focussed recruitment services that encompass:

– Strategic Recruitment & Workforce Planning

– Specialist Technical & Professional Recruitment

– International Recruitment & Immigration Services

This broader range of specialist services allows for a holistic approach to recruitment. While we have always operated as a strategic recruitment and workforce partner, we now have the toolkit to back it up. We can provide a robust strategic approach to help our clients recruit, hire, train, motivate, reward, and retain workers. In doing so, we give you the greatest opportunity to create a unique advantage.

Giide services

Explore our website to learn more or get in touch via our contact form.

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